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Featured Vehicle -

This is a bone stock FJ43L Soft Top Toyota Land Cruiser with a 4.2L 2F-F carbureted OHV inline six-cylinder &
H41 4 speed transmission. This is a great desert cruiser!


Accessories -

Safari Ltd. outfits your rig with trail tested reliability – suspensions, winch bars, lighting packages, auxiliary fuel tanks,
overland adventure equipment, 4x4 recovery gear & so much more. Click image above to learn more


Toyota Parts -

New, used and hard to find parts for all Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles can be found here.
Click image above to learn more


Vehicle Service -

Service is what we do!!! Safari Ltd is a COMPLETE service center for all Toyota, Lexus & Scion vehicles.
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Safari LTD Support Crew -

Safari Ltd.’s shop is staffed with experienced specialists who only work on Toyota, Lexus & Scion vehicles.
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Safari LTD
Support Crew

Vehicle Gallery -

We are doing what we love and we would like to share some fun rigs, exciting trips and other goings on with you
– Please take a look, click image above to learn more.


Gallery: Needles to Hite

Long weekends are hard to come by so sometimes you just need to make the most of them! This weekend finds us heading up Elephant Hill through the Needles District, along Ruin Park, around the Dark Canyon, sunsets over the Henry Mtns and refueling at Hite Marina on our way home.  View Gallery

Gallery: New Zealand - South Island

How to make the most of 14 days in New Zealand? Plan a route, rent a Toyota twin cab ute 3.0 litre turbo diesel, acquire keys to locked gates and cover as much country as you can possibly enjoy! Oh & did we mention all the fun Toyotas we saw along the way!!!  View Gallery

Gallery: Get Out & Play

Most of us work hard so we can play hard or at least get out to play often! This is a collection of fun rigs in fantastic places doing what we love the most...cruisin' about. It covers most of the west & then some, in all seasons, with even some silly events tossed in for extra fun. Enjoy! View Gallery

Gallery: East African Safari - Tanzania

These photos can not do justice to the spectacular landscape or the amazing wildlife but we tried our best and threw in a bunch of Land Cruisers to keep your attention! ~ kufurahia safari (enjoy the journey)! View Gallery

Gallery: Needles to Hite #tab1
Gallery: New Zealand - South Island #tab2
Gallery: Get Out & Play #tab3
Gallery: East African Safari, Tanzania #tab4

Services and products overview

Welcome to Safari Ltd.’s website! We are an independent solar powered Toyota Service Center located in Grand Junction, Colorado. Long story short - SERVICE, REPAIR & PARTS for all TOYOTA, LEXUS AND SCION vehicles. Our focus on enhancing the reliability of your Toyota product is our #1 priority. Safari Ltd.’s goal is to provide our customers with high quality service and parts, with the best dollar value, to fit your individual needs and budget. All, so you can enjoy your ride.

Safari Ltd. offers services such as major and minor repairs and maintenance; off-road outfitting; new, used and hard-to-find parts; trail tested accessories; overland travel equipment and recovery gear; advice for the DIY; and so much more. For more details, see service, accessories or parts pages.

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